Polonia. Nuovo progetto Sve di 1 anno per 3 volontari in materia di politiche giovanili e comunicazione


Per conto della Foundation Mobile Poles (in polacco Fundacja Mobilni Polacy), che ha sede in Polonia in un piccolo centro della Bassa Slesia, stiamo cercando 3 volontari per un progetto del Servizio Volontario Europeo che partirá a inizio settembre 2013 e terminerá dopo 1 anno.
Il progetto fa parte di un macro-progetto SVE intitolato "Everybody is a citizen of Europe – old, young, disabled or heathy" e che vedrá coinvolti, nella stessa cittá polacca, 7 volontari in totale.

Il progetto presso questa Fondazione vedrá i volontari lavorare nei settori delle politiche per i giovani, della comunicazione e dell'informazione giovanile.
In questo caso Fundacja Mobilni Polacy è Organizzazione sia Ospitante che di Coordinamento.

Come sempre per lo SVE (18 – 30 anni), il viaggio A/R é rimborsato al 90%, mentre vitto e alloggio sono pagati in toto, cosí come l'assicurazione ed un corso base della lingua locale.
Previsto anche un pocket money mensile.
Pocket money per la Polonia: 85 euro al mese.

Se interessati, inviateci CV in inglese e motivation letter in inglese (ognuno su un file di testo distinto) ed una vostra foto a parte (possibilmente NON fototessera) ATTRAVERSO QUESTO FORM entro le ore 18:00 del 27 giugno.

Nella lettera motivazionale spiegate bene perché volete fare l'EVS (European Voluntary Service), perché vorreste fare volontariato all'estero, quali sono i motivi che vi spingono a far domanda per questo progetto in particolare e perché sareste il candidato ideale. Inutile inviare lettere motivazionali di poche righe e dove non sono specificate dettagliatamente le ragioni che vi spingono a far domanda per questo progetto (EVITANDO di dire semplicemente che si vuole lasciare l'Italia e/o che si vuole vivere nel Paese ospitante): senza forti motivazioni la HO non vi prenderebbe in considerazione, quindi fate attenzione. Lettere generali e senza le specifiche motivazioni per la partecipazione a questo particolare progetto NON saranno prese in considerazione. Fatevi autare dalla descrizione del progetto quando scrivete la motivation letter.

IMPORTANTE: Nel cv indicate il vostro username/account per Skype (fondamentale qualora la Host Organisation voglia chiamarvi per un colloquio conoscitivo), la vostra data di nascita e il vostro numero di telefono comprensivo di codice internazionale (0039 per l'Italia).

Solo le candidature COMPLETE saranno prese in considerazione.
Ricordate di indicare il codice del progetto e la dicitura "Sending Organisation Scambieuropei" nell'oggetto e nel corpo dell'e-mail.

Per candidarsi con noi come Organizzazione di Invio è necessario essere tesserati con l'Associazione Scambieuropei. Se ancora non lo siete, scriveteci e vi invieremo tutte le informazioni del caso.
Qui le informazioni sul tesseramento 2013 (il tesseramento vale sino a dicembre 2013 per tutti i programmi supportati da Scambieuropei):

Di seguito la descrizione completa del progetto.

Project code / EI Ref.: 2011-PL-309
Host Organisation: Fundacja Mobilni Polacy (Foundation Mobile Poles)
Coordinating Organisation: Fundacja Mobilni Polacy (Foundation Mobile Poles)
Sending Organisation: Associazione Scambieuropei
Start: 01/09/2013
End: 01/09/2014
Location: Milicz (Poland)
Theme 1: Youth policies
Theme 2: Media and communication/Youth information

Our volunteer will be live and work in small city, Milicz, located 50 km from Wroclaw in Lower Silesia. The strong sites of the environment are:
a) beautiful and unique wild nature around city (thousands of ponds and spectacular forests)
b) curiosity and openness in relation to the "strangers" in local community (in bigger cities people are more familiar with others nationalities, and sometimes because of that they less care about their guests from different countries).
c) safety and calm
d) close distance everywhere what is relate to our EVS project (between place where they will live and where they will work  will be always walking dinstance)
e) group of young and adult people whose are gathered around Foundation and are eager to help and teaching volunteers in every possible way.
 The weak point, sometimes, is that there is 50 km to the nearest big city, but there is quite good public transport service between our place and WrocA aw.

Volunteers will be live in their own, separated, (rented) flat, with normal Polish standard. Everybody will have his/her own room. Flat has internet connection. Als
Volunteers will share their own kitchen, so they will able to prepare food for themselves.
In spite of the fact that everywhere is rather close, our organization will provide for volunteers bicycles, because in Milicz and neighbourhood exist a lot of cyclist-paths.
Volunteers will work in Local NGO's centre, where our organization has office. In the office are fully equipment places for 3 people for classic office-job: tables, chairs, computers, printer, internet and so on, plus more space for our formal meetings and trainings. Our volunteers will works both in our office and in conference room in the building which is dreaming place for a lot of kinds of activities for local community.

Volunteers will be involved in following activities (working for a total of about 30 hours per week):
– Activation of local community – depending upon specific volunteers skills and fields of interest, he or she will prepare some events (exhibition, poetry evening)/trainings/ lessons/ performance in our local conference hall, in a building of Local NGO Centre.
– cooperation and activation other NGO organizations in our community – our next-door neighbours are many local associations and foundations of different field of activities (for example University for elder people, association of combatants, association for orphans, scouts and so on). Most of them do not have international and multicultural experiences but in the same time most of their members are very eager to have one. Contact with our volunteers can be for them great opportunity for development into international level of activity.
– Promoting culture of the origin country of the volunteer (thematic evenings, workshops, exhibitions of photos, paints, others form of art).
– own language animations for youth: like language workshops, regular help in language learning to individuals and language and cultural weekend trips.
– help in preparation and implementation of workshops about migrations, intercultural dialog, European identity and other similar topic.
– being in touch with our foreign partners dealing with similar issues around the world.
– publishing a material prepared by them on our websites and Facebook profile
– preparing articles, photo and video materials about our activities for local media. (newspaper and regional TV)
These and other volunteer activities in the local community, will have a huge impact on the development of his awareness of the intercultural dimension. The presence of volunteers will create, for the first time in the life of many members of the community, the opportunity to participate in the processes of intercultural learning. Certainly their appearance in the community will result in mutual inspiration, will be taught to appreciate and accept diversity occurring among residents of Europe.

Each volunteer will receive from us the same support and opportunities for development: For the first week after arrival will be familiar with the topography of the city and the surrounding area, all persons connected with the foundation and host organizations in our city, will take part in meetings of integration with the other volunteers who will meet in building a sense of community tours ( kayaking or hiking tours).
Volunteers get possibility to learn the Polish language. The lessons will hold by professional Polish teacher for foreign.
The volunteer will have the possibility to take part in international and local trainings concerning youth work.

Selection of volunteers will be the result of three stages of recruitment:
1) Analysis of motivation letters and CV's,
2) Call conversation or video conference (Skype)
3) The tasks to be performed, to check the viewing of their motivation in some unconventional way (depending on the type of project – various).
Some features in common that we would like to see in each of our volunteers, and that make it well find them in the community of a small town surrounded by woods and ponds: The volunteer should be interested in animating free time of young but also older people and involving them in public and social life as well as sharing values stated above. They should be able to prepare (with our help and assistance) some new events for local community. He/she needs to be flexible and to certain extend independence, should be a creative, open-minded person. Ease of formulating thoughts in writing and speaking English. Always better if volunteers have at least some sense of humor and distance to themselves. Last but not least: desire to spend their EVS closer nature than the big city.

As mentioned earlier, the strength and potential of our foundation constitute the people who founded it and who cooperate with it. Our group of collaborators continues to grow. Among the people running the foundation are former coordinators and participants in EVS program. In our team we also have psychologists and educators (both non-formal and formal teachers from primary and secondary school). There are also people who every day deal with the writing and settlement of EU applications. We all have an experience in working with young people, some of us many years, as teachers and organizers or team-leaders, caregivers youth exchanges, scout camps and other forms of organized youth and children's recreation. We also have a long-standing involvement in the local life of our community and we are members of other associations and organizations.
We want to intensify our work with EVS volunteers, because after completing a series of consultations with other organizations, we conclude that the district Milicz area, in particular, cities and municipalities Milicz are many organizations which, with proper coordination, could be great places for volunteers and the local community would benefit from the presence of many months in our city, people from different cultural and linguistic background. We want to be a reliable and responsible intermediary between NGO’s and public entities that have the potential but have no experience with EVS program.
Our target group make mostly the local community, in particular youth and seniors, but also youth from all the Europe and around.